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Artists: Kitsap Regional Library & Kitsap Pride with Kallie Bates, Izrael Clifford, Odessa Cook, Selene HP, Rosalind Heinrich, Noi Henry, Moon Octosa, Kairi Pedraza, and Vi Valencia and help from Alyssa Allen, Jeannie Allen, Rosie Bromberg, Glenna Matteson, Ollie-Lee Regan, Nicole Schluter, and Terra Tapia.

Title: Under the Rabbit Moon




Original Festival Art Print - Wayzgoose Kitsap 2023 Theme of 'Gather'

Large Format Orginal Print - Printed image is approximately 36” x 36”, paper size is approximately 38" x 50".

ORIGINAL: Kitsap Regional Library & Kitsap Pride - Under the Rabbit Moon

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