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Will you be part of the
letterpress legacy?

Every single day, the craft of letterpress is pushed further into history.


Hearing that makes you want to help, right?


Our Type High Club donors are an incredible community of connected, invested heroes who believe in the legacy of letterpress with current and future artists, and continue to make art as accessible as possible right here in Kitsap County.


As a Type High Club donor, giving an artist right here in Kitsap the opportunity to create artwork that might not otherwise come to life, because of a lack of financial resources or possibly just not having the opportunity. 

Like you, we never want to see an artist unable to create because of a lack of financial means or access.

You belong here.


Plus, every Type High Club member will receive a starter kit with all the goodies you need to share your support for Wayzgoose Kitsap, including a goose decal and access to the monthly Type High Bulletin, a regular update on printerly things from Wayzgoose Kitsap insiders.

By stepping up as an unstoppable monthly champion for the arts, you’ll be building on the letterpress legacy every single day. Are you that champion? By committing to a monthly, recurring gift, you can build on the letterpress legacy that our community deserves.

Please, join the Type High Club by filling out the form below and making a secure, monthly gift.

Join the club

Make your contribution a recurring donation by clicking the box below the levels, and you’ll automatically become the newest member of the Type High Club!

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