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The first known Wayzgoose, thrown in 1681, was a boozy summer feast hosted by a Letterpress Printer for his Print Shop employees. The printing community embraced this annual tradition, often sharing a harvest goose… hence the name, Wayzgoose.

 Today, the Wayzgoose has been reimagined as a public arts festival. At Wayzgoose Kitsap, over a dozen local artists will print hand-carved linoleum blocks with full-size steamrollers every summer in beautiful Bremerton, Washington.


Looking to get in touch with us? Drop us a line at


We are on a mission to excite, engage and strengthen our community through the power of art! Our annual festival is for the people and by the people: Big art. Made in the streets. With love in our hearts. 


We see a world in which people use art as an effective and valued means of connection, to express their experience, and to create change. We believe in the power of art to transform lives. 


Abundance & Kindness –
We believe that there is more than enough to go around. We work with kindness in our hearts.  

Intention & Value –
We believe art makes the world a better place.  We care about each other and we care about the work we do. We support artists at all levels of their craft. 

Transparency & Knowledge-Sharing –
We keep the lines of communication open. We fight against guesswork and rumor. We support and promote a culture of knowledge-sharing. We are facilitators, not gatekeepers. 

Accountability & Stewardship –
We work with our community and stakeholders in mind. We are contributing to a legacy of craftsmanship and community-building. We are storytellers and we take that job seriously. 

Integrity & Balance –
We believe that the Way We Do It matters. We are real people, with real needs and aspirations. We are responsible for supporting healthy fulfilling lives within our organization and in the world around us. 


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