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Wayzgoose Kisap’s 2024 Theme Announced! 

From the first gasp of life to the final sigh, breath - the invisible thread woven through existence. It's the wind whispering secrets to the cedars, the ocean's rhythmic pulse against the shore, the shared gasp of awe before a masterpiece. It's the essence of being, a universal language spoken in a multitude of ways.

Wayzgoose Kitsap 2024 invites you, our vibrant community, to explore the depths of "Breath." Delve into diverse cultures, where this vital force takes on countless forms. In ancient Egypt, it was the feather of truth, weighing our hearts. In India, it's the sacred prana, coursing through our veins like celestial rivers. In Japan, it's the fleeting beauty of a cherry blossom, blooming and falling in a single precious breath.

Closer to home, listen to the whispers of the Coast Salish. Hear the echo of their creation story in the whoosh of the Thunderbird's wings, feel the rhythm of life in the steady pulse of the Salish Sea. Let these ancestral breaths mingle with the salty tang of Puget Sound, the sigh of cedars in the wind, the laughter of children echoing through our towns.
Kitsap artists, "Breath" is a boundless canvas. Capture the mist swirling around Olympic peaks, the exhalation of whales breaching in the emerald waters, the quiet inhale of a hiker reaching a mountain vista. Translate the pulse of our community - the artist lost in creation, sailor experiencing Bremerton for the first time, the child chasing waves on the shore.

But "Breath" is not just observation. It's the shared gasp at a masterpiece, the silent communion between artist and audience. We invite you to reimagine "Breath".

Wayzgoose Kitsap 2024 is your exhale, a chance to share your unique interpretation of this universal essence, and witness others’ artistic expressions. Join the conversation, and let's breathe life into a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression. Together, we'll create a symphony of breaths, a testament to the power of "Breath" in all its local and global grandeur.

The 2024 festival happens on Saturday, June 1st at the Marvin Williams Center in downtown Bremerton. For more information, visit

Remember, a single breath can spark a wildfire. Breathe with us. Create with us. Wayzgoose Kitsap 2024 awaits.

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