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Who Are We

Wayzgoose Kitsap is a local nonprofit serving Kitsap community. Our mission is to make art more accessible — through our festival, through our year-round programming, and by fostering a movement based on one belief that we all share: We believe that art heals.

The Wayzgoose Kitsap Team 

Marit Bockelie


Spring Munsel Gideon

Board President

Erin Hatch

Board of Directors


Program Coordinator

Lynda Sherman

Board Vice President

Susie Parsons

Board of 

Amber Sally

Social Media

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Jo Roberts

Board Secretary

Brie Coolbaugh

Print Director

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Susan Ogilvie

Board of Directors

Others supporting Wayzgoose Kitsap! 

Learn more about our process, team, and work 

How Do We Choose the Artists?

The Wayzgoose Kitsap Way


We are on a mission to excite, engage and strengthen our community through the power of art!


Our annual festival is for the people and by the people: Big art. Made in the streets. With love in our hearts. 


We see a world in which people use art as an effective and valued means of connection, to express their experience, and to create change.


We believe in the power of art to transform lives. 


Accountability & Stewardship

We work with our community and stakeholders in mind. We are contributing to a legacy of craftsmanship and community-building. We are storytellers and we take that job seriously. 

Integrity & Balance

We believe that the Way We Do It matters. We are real people, with real needs and aspirations. We are responsible for supporting healthy fulfilling lives within our organization and in the world around us. 

Intention & Value

We believe art makes the world a better place.  We care about each other and we care about the work we do. We support artists at all levels of their craft. 

Transparency & Knowledge-Sharing

We keep the lines of communication open. We fight against guesswork and rumor. We support and promote a culture of knowledge-sharing. We are facilitators, not gatekeepers. 

Abundance & Kindness

We believe that there is more than enough to go around. We work with kindness in our hearts.

Past Artists

Past Artists & Themes

2023: Gather

Olympic College

Aquinas Academy 

Coffee Oasis

Spring Munsel Gideon

Kitsap Regional Library & Kitsap Pride Youth

Bigfoot's House of Vinyl

2020: In/Visible

Lana Sheppard
Douglas Kinney
Karna Peck
Erin Pocius
Francine & Kieran Flanagan
Frances Lee
Mariah Finch
Art Anderson Group
Holly Moss
Leigh Knowles Metteer
Nicole Pike “Dame Deville Designs”
Matty Malone

Spring Munsel Gideon
Todd McNaught
Erin & Tanner Hatch
Martha Makosky
Cathy A Long
Sam Enlow
Judith Morales
Jackie Bush-Turner
Daniela Siegenthaler (Printed 2021)
Brianna Gruver (Printed 2021)
Penney Lockhart
Katrina Fasulo
Tina Juvonen & West Soud Printmakers
Erika O'Leary
Evelyn Hokanson
Barry Blankenship
Erica Applewhite
Erika Cramer

2022: Renewal

Brenda Calderon
Hood Canal School Students
Martha Makosky
Nathan "NOCTO" Friend & Jonathan "FRO!" Perry

Terra Tapia
Spring Munsel Gideon (Printed 2023)
Rosie Bromberg
Jo Roberts
Leigh Knowles Metteer
Christopher Barnes
Ashley Martinez
Holly Moss
Sam Enlow

2019: Home

Jacquelyn Phillips
Erika Cramer
Michael Jackson
Hap Bockelie
Ruoxi Song
Leigh Knowles Metteer
Current Dental/Scarelett Kelly & Alexis Engelgau
Virginia H Davison & Team BARN
Spring Munsel Gideon
Lisa Derouin
Karna Peck
Erica Applewhite
Melanie Peterson
Cassie Grace
Lana Sheppard
Sam Enlow
Melissa Pothier
Crystal LaDue
Ashley Martinez & Josh Powell
Erin Pocuis
Christopher Barnes
Erin Burrows
Crista Dougherty & Bryce Moulton
Judy L Anderson
Markie Rustad
Rose Guastella
Mariah Finch
Catherine Cross Uehara
Team BIMA! & Kristin Tollefson 
Katelyn Ziegenhagen
Lynda Sherman

Alyssa Allen

2021: Healing

Mariah Finch
Brianna Gruver
Spring Munsel Gideon
Erika Harada
Nhu Mai Thi Le
Angelina Morales
Julianna North

Rebecca Lynn Parker
Jonathan “FRO!” Perry & Nathan "NOCTO" Friend
Christine & Janelle Quibuyen
Daniela Siegenthaler
Christian Williams
Scotti Wilson

2018: Water

Katie Albright
Elise Watness
Cassie Grace
Expedition Press & Myrna Kehiler
Juan Rodriguez
Mariah Hunt
Terra Tapia
Porscha Ye & Lynda Sherman
Sam Enlow
Melanie Peterson
Melissa Pothier
Cynthia Engelgau
Ashley Martinez
Gretchen Lund
Liberty Bay Books
Karen Meehan & Jacquelyn Speare
Tamara Howell & Family Robin
Mike Wright, Susan Parsons, & Alaina Bauer
Tina Juvonen
Jeremiah Holcomb
Ariana Sheppard
Crystal LaDue
Judy Anderson

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