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A Message from Susan Ogilvie

People work on inking up a large linoleum block
Susan Ogilvie works with a team of OC art students to create a giant linoleum print at the 2023 Wayzgoose Kitsap art festival

Hi Community Members,

I want to take this opportunity to share with you one of my recent joyful discoveries in Kitsap County. As an art educator, I was invited to head up a team of Olympic College students to take part as a team in the Wayzgoose Kitsap Festival. What unfolded was no less than a delightful and productive experience of creating a work of art in an old-world method. The students carved in linoleum a fabulous design of a pod of orcas as a response to the theme “gathering.”

As we carved the 3 foot by 3-foot image, we couldn’t imagine how exciting it would be to see a steamroller go over our design to print magnificent prints, each on beautiful and unique. From near and far, community came to the daylong event to see this marvel that included 6 different teams!

The excitement, adventure, fun and fulfillment are hard to explain, but the outcome was truly thrilling. As a teacher and artist, I am so excited to head up another team for OC, but also to join Wayzgoose Kitsap as a board member for 2024. Yep! I love the energy and community involvement it has generated. I can’t wait to see the work this year’s team creates. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Wayzgoose Kitsap in the Great Give to keep community arts and celebration in the forefront of our community. And be sure to come on out on June 1st to watch and participate in Wayzgoose 2024. Art is the universal language!

Susan Ogilvie

OC Art Faculty

Wayzgoose Festival 2024 Board Member

{ A message from Susan Ogilvie }

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