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Lindsey Brayton: current Wayzgoose Kitsap all-star volunteer, long time print enthusiast

🔦 WK Volunteer Spotlight

I don't remember exactly when Lindsey first stopped in my shop on Pacific Ave., but I do remember she attended one of our letterpress workshops in 2017 and was so enthusiastic about learning the ins and outs of the tabletop press she had at home that I knew we were kindred spirits.

Lindsey is a no nonsense hard working lady, and she has inspired me to be a better teacher, printer and organizer. She thinks strategically and creatively, so when she started volunteering for Wayzgoose Kitsap it was a balm to my aching worries about the future of the organization. Lindsey brings her passion for crafts(wo)manship, along with her skills as a leader and a roll-up-your-sleeves woman of action, to her work. And we're so lucky to have her on our team.

This year as we brought the WK art festival back to IRL, Lindsey's willingness to "make it work" was a godsend, and she's since helped us learn some big lessons to make next year's event even better. Her day job as PSNS Quality Assurance Specialist definitely gives her an edge, but she identifies just as much with her roles as wife, auntie, and crazy craft chick.

Without further adieu, here are a few words from a recent conversation with Lindsey Brayton, (TITLE)

Spring's experience working with Wayzgoose Kitsap spans from volunteer at the merch table, multi-year linoleum artist, and board member. But these labels don't tell the full picture of how essential she's been to the survival of our precious little arts organization...
Lindsey Brayton, in her yard - an all-star Wayzgoose Kitsap volunteer and long time print enthusiast. (photo credit: Lindsey Brayton)

In her own words:

MB: What does Wayzgoose Kitsap mean to you?

LB: An opportunity to meet people throughout the year to share experiences and art from recruiting volunteers to clean up after the festival. A lot of people have creative tendencies that need a helpful budge to start “arting” and making connections to get people excited is what this festival is about. A day of fun in the sun and meeting new people from every walk and corner of life experience that are happy to share stories with anyone who will converse! The collaboration and number of people it takes to be successful at Wayzgoose is understated. People have to be chosen to carve, they have to get something designed and carved, the volunteer stations to ink, keep the roller area clean, lay the paper, roll over them, pick them up to move them to safe locations to start drying, hang them, transport them, store them, showcase them to sell/raffle throughout the year… it’s a ton of work and I give kudos to the board for making all of this (a lot of behind the scenes) work!! In a nutshell it means, GEAR UP AND GET WORKING ON NEXT YEAR!! Whoop Whoop! 😁

MB: When you talk about what you do for WK, how do you explain the organization to people?

LB: Explaining the history is important, so I briefly discuss the tradition of shifting season and having to work by candle light… now think about that, let’s all set type and print by candle! Then I roll into what the festival looks like today: 3’ x 3’ lino prints being “steam” rolled, lots of ink, vendors, food and most importantly the community participation! In 2023, my first year to volunteer, Wayzgoose Kitsap supported more youth participation and this to me is essential. Our school systems are budging out visual and object/spatial thinkers that are the potential geniuses of our day. These events keep some of the people that can’t do algebra flourishing and helps them find their niche to be creative and possibly finding solutions verbal thinkers would otherwise overlook.

MB: Share with our readers one print- or art-related anecdote about your life that will help us get to know you better.

LB: I am deep rooted with my family and the way of thinking and doing things outside the box. I inherited my grandfather’s Kelsey tabletop Printing Press when I was told it was being donated to a museum. He made a loose leaf book in the 1960’s that included poems and linoleum prints and took one to the Library of Congress. He based his writing on society, politics, religion, philosophy, family etc.

I will make a book one day (over many days really) but will take a more light-hearted approach in expressing myself. While the world needs writings and images like what he gave us, I would like to share things that bring smiles and share humor as the primary means.

My favorite quote: “A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

MB: Share a story from your experience as a volunteer for the 2023 WK festival that you think people should hear.

LB: Working with other volunteers and finding out why they were there was wonderful. I shared experiences with a handful of great people, some are artist on a daily basis and some just starting out. We supported each other in our stories, asked questions to learn more about each other, and shared ideas. From set-up to tear down it was a great experience and I am glad I was a part of it.

MB: If you could wave a magic wand and secure a $1M grant for WK, what would you want the organization to do with the funds?

LB: Secure a location and start a collection of presses that can be used by the public- some paying workshops and a lot of reach out program workshops for people and youth unable to fund such amazing skills. Find experienced printers to support the cause to teach and train. Use the space as an interactive gallery to make art, sell art, and get people excited about the arts!

MB: Looking ahead to the 2024 print season, what gets you most excited?

LB: The people. Volunteers, vendors, artist, attendees, everyone. The prints obviously are phenomenal to be a part of, but the experience of bringing a collection of different people together are what help form the mindsets of our future artists, and expand our networks.


This post is part of an ongoing series of Volunteer Spotlights. Stay tuned for more from the other amazing folks working behind the scenes to bring the Wayzgoose Kitsap mission to life. If you'd like to get in on the action, please email us at

Thank you Lindsey for being an amazing human,

~ Marit

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